A category unto itself

Introducing the HondaJet Elite II, a continuation of the Elite program's vision to redefine the very light aircraft category with superior performance and efficiency born of aerodynamic advancement. We continue to set new standards in range, fuel efficiency, performance, comfort and technology to bring the future of the light aircraft category to life, because even the best can get better.

elite ii

Performance that redefines

With an extended range of 1547nm, increased fuel capacity, and increased gross weight, users will enjoy greater mission capability and more flexibility than ever before.

elite ii

holistic comfortv

Our approach to comfort is holistic, seeking to provide thoughtful solutions throughout the cabin that address multiple sensory and environmental elements to deliver a new level of luxury and freedom.

elite ii

fundamental innovations

Our technological innovations are revolutionary on their own, but their benefits are compounded through HondaJet's customer-focused design and unique integration of performance, efficiency, luxury and technology.

elite ii

Automatic emergency landing

Garmin® Autoland activates in an emergency situation to autonomously control and land the aircraft without human intervention.


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