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More than 55.000 flight hours and 2.300 trained helicopter and airplane pilots, the HANGAR UNO training center is the institution with the greatest flight activity of its kind in the country. Its staff of instructors is made up of professional pilots specially selected based on their experience and professional suitability.


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Courses - Private airplane pilot and private helicopter pilot.

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Theoretical course:

There will also be informative talks on CRM (Crew Resource Management), Flight in icing conditions, GPS Navigation, Security Management System (SMS), etc.

  • Aerodynamics.
  • Meteorology.
  • Regulation.
  • Communications.
  • Knowledge of the PA-28 aircraft.
  • Aeronautical Legislation.
  • Engines.
  • Flight maneuvers.
  • Air navigation and introduction to instrument flight.

Practical Course:

During the practical part, a minimum of 40 flight hours must be completed, distributed as follows:

  • Double command 30 hours.
  • Student flight alone 10 hours.

Of the total hours of double command, the following must be carried out at least:

  • 6 hours of travel, covering a minimum distance of 185 km between the local aerodrome and the destination one.

The practical instruction program will include 2 stages:

Stage A: It covers the hours necessary to reach the level required for the first solo flight. It contains all the maneuvers, which must be carried out with adequate precision and safety standards. This stage includes the specific practice of maneuvers that train the student in resolving hypothetical risk situations.

Stage B: It begins once the objectives of stage a have been achieved and extends until reaching the appropriate level determined by the instructor(s), endorsed by the Head of Instructors and the Director of the School.

Flight simulator


Latest technology that makes it possible to train in instrument flight techniques, providing an essential dose of practice, efficiently and with an instructor in charge.

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Requirements to start the course

  • Possess a certificate of approval of Basic General Education (E.G.B.) or complete Primary Cycle or equivalent.
  • Possess identity document.
  • Have the current CMA (aeronautical medical certificate).
  • To finalize the registration, the information established through the AFIP must be validated by entering with the Level 3 Fiscal Code.
  • If the applicant is under 18 years of age or a foreigner, the information may be validated through a Flight School in person and with an identifying document.
  • If you are under 18 years of age you need authorization from your parents or guardian legalized by a notary, if you are a foreigner you need the basic or higher education certificate with an apostille.

Frequent questions

What is the minimum age to obtain the license?
To obtain the Private Pilot license for an airplane or helicopter, the applicant must be at least 17 years of age.
You can start the course with 16 years and 9 months.
In all cases where the applicant is under 18 years of age, authorization from the parents or guardian accredited by a notary public or justice of the peace is required.
How long does the training take?
Duración del curso: mínimo 2 meses, máximo 2 años.
I am already a Private Pilot, how many flight hours do I need for the commercial license?
You need 200 more hours. Airplane or Helicopter.
I am a Private Airplane Pilot, and I want to be a Private Helicopter Pilot. How many flight hours do I need for the license?
With the PPA license you only need 25 hours of helicopter flight for the helicopter private pilot license.
I am a Private Helicopter Pilot, and I want to be a Private Airplane Pilot. How many flight hours do I need for the license?
With the PPH license you only need 25 hours of airplane flight for the private airplane pilot license.
Where do I process the CMA?
Para poder tramitar el CMA primero tenés que tener la CLAVE FISCAL NIVEL 3 (si no la tenes aún se tramita de forma personal en AFIP). Luego debés entrar al CAD (casillero aeronáutico digital: https://cad.anac.gob.ar/ cargar allí todos tus datos). Una vez que hayas generado tu CAD, te va a permitir sacar turno para el CMA. El CMA lo podés realizar en diferentes institutos o con médicos privados todos habilitados por ANAC.
What are the means of payment for the courses?
Se puede abonar en nuestras instalaciones con efectivo, débito o crédito, en dólar billete, o previamente a los vuelos se puede abonar con transferencia o depósito bancario.


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