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Contamos con más de 35 años de trayectoria y un equipo de profesionales certificados para realizar tareas de mantenimiento e inspecciones programadas en aviones y helicópteros. Hangar Uno es taller oficial de las marcas Piper, HondaJet, Kodiak, y Robinson. Cuenta con un Centro de Mantenimiento de primer nivel ubicado en el Aeropuerto de San Fernando - Bs. As.

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Service and support

We provide Hangarage services so you can store your aircraft safely and at all times. We offer line service: Before starting the flight, we carry out the mandatory pre-flight check and dispatch your aircraft from the hangar to the platform. Also, upon return we receive your aircraft and carry out the mandatory post-flight check. We also provide fuel loading in our facilities and we have certified vehicles and trained personnel for the transfer of fuel and cargo on the ground.

Aircraft management

We take care of managing your fleet, so that the only concern you have is scheduling your flight. This service is focused on all those people who, not being pilots, have a plane or helicopter or wish to buy it, taking the weight of having to manage the aircraft off their shoulders.

Engine workshop

Hangar Uno is able to offer repair, inspection and overhaul services for conventional, turboprop and turbojet engines. We have a state-of-the-art Test Bench, controlled by a computerized digital system, certified by international companies that guarantee precise control in all stages of engine testing, from initial diagnosis to operational checks, post repair.

Only official workshop in Argentina

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San Fernando International Airport
Av. Hipólito Yrigoyen, San Fernando, Province of Buenos Aires

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