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Kokiak 100 Series III Innovations

The Kodiak 100 Series III is a new but continually refined aircraft. Unlike competitors that were designed decades ago, Kodiak benefits from the latest advances in engineering and technology. The result is an aircraft that is increasingly safer, more comfortable and more efficient.

The Ultimate Escape Vehicle

Every new Kodiak 100 comes equipped with an extensive set of features and equipment. It's everything you need to get up and fly.

The most advanced 10-seater short takeoff and landing turboprop

A smart aircraft built for the 21st century. Built tough and safe for extreme missions. Comfort, capacity and economy for business or personal use. Only one pilot is needed. A dream to fly. Many missions. One aircraft.

Modern equals safe

The Kodiak 100 is a thoroughly modern aircraft engineered in the 21st century and meeting the very latest FAA standards. Innovative wing design for an extra margin of safety. Engine and power to get you up and out quickly. Tough gear for rough situations. Fly safer in all-weather conditions. Advanced avionics reduce workload and enhance situational awareness.

The brains behind de brawn

Advanced technology for enhanced control. Reduces cockpit workload. Enhances situational awareness. Take off to touch down navigational assistance. Full integration of digital and communication platforms. Synthetic vision and weather radar. Integrated autopilot.

Low cost of ownership

The Kodiak 100 was built for efficiency. It has the lowest operating costs in its class. For a medium range STOL aircraft capable of delivering 10 people or lifting more than 1.5 tons of useful load, there is nothing more economical.


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